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Our software helps lead the way in Public Sector procurement, Contract & Risk Management, ESG & Social Value and Teaching & Learning. Plus, through our ‘The Future of Construction’ (TFoC) initiative, we’re collaborating with the sector to develop the technologies of the future.

Pagabo offers simple, compliant and free-to-access procurement. Choose from nine frameworks covering a full range of works, goods and services. We’ve delivered projects worth over £2.8bn and enabled over £4bn in Social Value.

Sypro Contract Manager helps ensure the effective and compliant management of construction contracts. Over £6bn worth of projects have been managed, saving over £32m in management time.

Sypro Risk Manager helps manage all aspects of operational risk, protecting organisations and their people. Dedicated modules help you stay compliant and mitigate any legal risks.

Loop measures the social impact that businesses and projects create, with services including dedicated software and bespoke consultancy. We’ve supported over 1,350 projects and accounted for over £16bn in Social Value, with clients including KBR, RLB and Henry Boot Developments.

Tequ was created to help ITP’s deliver digital first learning with the aim of improving the future of education. We seamlessly connect students and assessors, making learning and development journeys easier, quicker and more effective.

The Future of Construction brings together people from across the construction industry to find ways of nurturing development. We have 5 key focuses: skills and learning, occupational wellbeing, the regulatory framework, innovation and the environment.

“Our aim is to create a better, fairer and more sustainable construction sector for all. Part of this is being at the forefront of how people work, where they work, and also why they work in the sector.”

Gerard Toplass
Group CEO
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