Our social value

Across our group and within all our platforms, we place social value at our core.

We do that so we can help you to maximise the social value return on your project’s investment at all stages. All individuals, communities and businesses related to your project need to be able to see and understand the benefits of your inward investment to them in a simple and digestible way.

That’s what social value can do. That’s why social value is at the very centre of how we operate. That’s how we support all our clients.

Construction project social value enabled by The 55 Group Total social value enabled by The 55 Group

In the Loop

Loop is our dedicated social value brand which helps clients to forecast, monitor and evaluate the entire life cycle of any projects through either our dedicated industry leading tools or our bespoke consultancy services.

Naturally at The 55 Group, we tap into our team of social value experts to help us recognise the benefits of all the work we support our clients with.

The numbers below offer just a summary of the impact the work we have supported through procurement, consultancy, contract and risk management has made.

Apprentices £43,627,405
Safeguarded Jobs £43,627,405
New Jobs £162,362,674
Work Placements £162,362,674
Social Value ROI £1,818,693,560

Supporting our ecosystem

To help support our ecosystem with their understanding and reporting of social value, we offer Loop services in line with our other platforms. For example, all Pagabo procured projects are able to run simple social value reports completely free of charge.

To find out more about the social value services Loop can offer you, click through to visit their dedicated website.

Environmental, Social and Governance

At The 55 Group we make a point of placing ESG at the forefront of what we do. We are fully committed to reducing and eliminating our carbon impact, and make a point of having this at the forefront of our message to internal and external stakeholders.

Every decision we make at The 55 Group is framed with these three features at front of mind. Whether that’s questioning whether we need to print documents, or considering the most environmentally friendly methods of travel for meetings and events, ESG helps drive us forward to set an example in our industry.

In addition, through our Pagabo frameworks we return money from projects to the public sector to contribute to good causes, such as dedicated CAHMS support at The Education Alliance group of schools.

Finally, we make contributions socially to our people and local community. We’ve planted trees in the local area, and even refurbished and repurposed a derelict bank to use as our home in Hull.

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Our Culture

National Social Value Standard

The National Social Value Standard provides a broad, robust and accessible measurement framework to help drive greater social value, in the right way. We are proud to partner with National Social Value Standard to build the NSVS into the heart of our social value reporting and platforms.

This helps organisations ranging from public, private and not for profit to use NSVS as their chosen measurement framework in a simple and straightforward way.

Find out more by visiting the National Social Value Standard website.

Proven metrics you can trust

Broad and versatile scope

Over 800 metrics, 90% of which have proxy values, across all social, environmental and economic pillars – used across private, public, and non-profit industries.

Robust metrics and valuations

Outcomes focused and regularly updated metrics developed by social value economists, with additionality analysis conducted against every value to mitigate overclaiming.

Government and academic best practice

Follows government guidance such as the HM Treasury Green Book, uses the latest academic literature, and maps to key frameworks such as the government’s Social Value Model and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.